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Isuien/Shounkaku 2023/11/30



Why did you choose our venue for your  wedding?

Because the reception hall was modern and very much to my liking.


What made you decide to do a bridal photoshoot?

I wanted to have a proper picture of the outfit that I would only wear once in my life.

They dressed me up wonderfully.


Are there any particular points you focused on in the  photoshoot?

I referred to the Internet and matched accessories.

Anyway, I had a certain pose I wanted to do, so I stuck to it.


What are your thoughts on the photoshoot?

All the staff members put us first in the shooting.

It was cold and it was difficult to shoot on the beach, but we were happy to be able to smile the whole time. It was a wonderful and memorable day.


What do you like about Japan or weddings in Japan?

Since Japan has different ambiances for each season, you can hold your wedding ceremony in the season of your choice.

You can also choose to have a Japanese or Western wedding, a Japanese-style wedding or a Western-style wedding, and I think one of the advantages of a Japanese wedding is that you have many choices.

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