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Kenrokuen 2024/1/4



Why did you choose our venue for your  wedding?

Because it was collaboration event with Pokemon.


What made you decide to do a bridal photoshoot?

Because there was campaign for a bridal photoshoot, as we only had one costume change for the wedding day, we wanted to try other costumes for the photoshoot.


Are there any particular points you focused on in the  photoshoot?

Holding goods of my favorite idol, and bringing a Pokemon plush for a photo shoot.


What are your thoughts on the photoshoot?

There was an earthquake before the photoshoot, and my husband cut his finger a little, not realizing the shards of glass being there. Disasters such as earthquakes are inevitable, but I wish they had checked in advance.

The shooting itself was enjoyable.


What do you like about Japan or weddings in Japan?

Japanese-style clothing makes me feel like Japan.

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