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RAVIMANA KOBE 2023/12/15



Why did you choose our venue for your  wedding?

We liked the chapel with a view of the ocean


What made you decide to do a bridal photoshoot?

Because I wanted to wear a white kimono (traditional japanese wedding costume), which I couldn't wear on the day of the shoot.

Also, I wanted to shoot at the beach.


Are there any particular points you focused on in the  photoshoot?

Good angles for shooting on the beach.


What are your thoughts on the photoshoot?

I was more satisfied than I had imagined and enjoyed shooting in the white kimono. Since I could only wear the colored dress on the day of the ceremony, I was glad to be able to wear it for the bridal photoshoot!

The wedding dress was quite large in size, as we did not have a chance to try it on beforehand. As we could not change the costume on the day of the shooting, I was suggested to shoot from an angle that did not show the bust. I just couldn't agree and asked for a reschedule for the photoshoot.


What do you like about Japan or weddings in Japan?

It is an event to express gratitude to family members and those who have supported you during your life.

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