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Isuien/Shounkaku 2023/11/25



Why did you choose our venue for your  wedding?

I was attracted to the atmosphere of the venue, where both Japanese and Western clothing go together.


What made you decide to do a bridal photoshoot?

I wanted to keep a beautiful image of ourselves, after meetings on our wedding and discussions with the photo studio.


Are there any particular points you focused on in the  photoshoot?

I did a lot of research on the internet so that I could imagine poses that would look good in photos, and then I told them to the photo studio.


What are your thoughts on the photoshoot?

We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun!


What do you like about Japan or weddings in Japan?

I think the appeal is that you can choose not only Western clothes but also Japanese clothes, and there is a wide range of options! I also think it would be great if seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves could be used for pre-wedding photos and weddings.

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