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Why did you choose our venue for your  wedding?

Because the location and atmosphere were good.


What made you decide to do a bridal photoshoot?

Because the price was good.
I was able to shoot both indoors and outdoors.
I wanted to shoot at the sea.


Are there any particular points you focused on in the  photoshoot?

We prepared accessories to increase the variety of shooting.


What are your thoughts on the photoshoot?

I wasn't used to wearing Japanese clothing, but the staff assisted me in taking pictures, so I was able to finish the shoot smoothly.
I'm glad I was able to take pictures while the weather was clearing up a bit.


What do you like about Japan or weddings in Japan?

The atmosphere changes with the seasons, and even if you hold your wedding in the same location, you can enjoy different views depending on the time of year.
The spirit of hospitality that is unique to Japan means that weddings are comfortable and memorable not only for the guests but also for the wedding itself.

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